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This is an on-going test for how we might be able to format the lectionaries from many of the denominations represented in the Conciliar Post family.

I would like the list to the left to populate this space with the text of the lectionary that is clicked. Which should just be a matter of re-hyperlinking the menu. The hyperlinks, however might have to be to CP pages created to hold the content.

I like this format with a few minor tweaks. But will also need to figure out how to change the readings for the month in a smooth fashion. (Perhaps as a sub menu of the list to the left?)

February 2015

2/12 Timothy 3:10-15Luke 18:10-14
2/22 Peter 1:20-2:9Mark 13:9-13
2/2Hebrews 7:7-17Luke 2:22-40(Meeting)
2/32 Peter 2:9-22Mark 13:14-23
2/42 Peter 3:1-18Mark 13:24-31
2/5Hebrews 13:17-21Luke 6:17-23(Saint)
2/51 John 1:8-2:6Mark 13:31-14:2
2/61 John 2:7-17Mark 14:3-9
2/72 Timothy 3:1-9Luke 20:46-21:4
2/81 Corinthians 6:12-20Luke 15:11-32
2/91 John 2:18-3:10Mark 11:1-11
2/101 John 3:11-20Mark 14:10-42
2/111 John 3:21-4:6Mark 14:43-15:1
2/121 John 4:20-5:21Mark 15:1-15
2/132 John 1:1-13Mark 15:22-25, 33-41
2/141 Thessalonians 4:13-17John 5:24-30(Departed)
2/141 Corinthians 10:23-28Luke 21:8-9, 25-27, 33-36
2/151 Corinthians 8:8-9:2Matthew 25:31-46
2/163 John 1:1-15Luke 19:29-40, 22:7-39
2/17Jude 1:1-10Luke 22:39-42, 45-23:1
2/18Joel 2:12-26Joel 3:12-21Luke 23:2-34, 44-56
2/19Jude 1:11-25Matthew 11:27-30(Departed)
2/20Zechariah 8:7-17Zechariah 8:19-23Matthew 6:1-13
2/21Galatians 5:22-6:2Matthew 6:14-21
2/21Romans 14:19-26Proverbs 1:1-20
2/22Romans 13:11-14:4Proverbs 1:20-33
2/23Isaiah 1:1-20Genesis 1:1-13Matthew 11:2-15(Forerunner)
2/24Isaiah 1:19-2:4Genesis 1:14-23Proverbs 2:1-22
2/242 Corinthians 4:6-15Proverbs 3:1-18
2/25Isaiah 2:3-11Genesis 1:24-2:3Proverbs 3:19-34
2/26Isaiah 2:11-21Genesis 2:4-19John 10:9-16(St. Raphael)
2/27Isaiah 3:1-15Genesis 2:20-3:20John 15:17-16:2(Saint)
2/27Hebrews 13:17-21Mark 2:23-3:5
2/282 Timothy 2:1-10
2/28Hebrews 1:1-12


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Andrew Fisher earned his Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Calvin College. He married his wife, Lynnae Fisher, in 2013 and lives in Michigan. He serves as an Editor for Conciliar Post and enjoys reading, photography, video games, rock climbing, and blacksmithing.

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