One of the goals of Conciliar Post is to offer perspectives and reflections upon a wide variety of topics. Broadly speaking, the topics our authors write on fit into six major categories: Art and Literature, Christian Traditions, Politics and Current Events, Life and Faith, Reviews, and Theology and Spirituality.


Art and Literature

This category includes original creative compositions by our authors, as well as articles pertinent to literary criticism and other forms of art-analysis.


Christian Traditions

Included in this category are articles written from the perspective of Anglicans, Baptists, Charismatics, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelicals, Lutherans, Methodists, Non-Denominationals, Reformed, Roman Catholics, and “Seekers.”


Politics and Current Events

This category consists of articles written about all manner of cultural and current events. Popular issues covered include Business, Christianity and Culture, Cultural Studies, Economics, and Politics.


Life and Faith

Something of a “catch all” label, the reflections in this category involve a wide range of issues, including: Education, Homilies and Sermons, Journeys of Faith, Lives of Saints, and Parenthood, In other words, if we can write about it, you can find it here.



This category is designated for reviews of books and films. Reviews at Conciliar Post reflect upon important themes and messages found within the media being reviewed, while drawing out important questions and implications for our lives.


Theology and Spirituality

Our largest categories, covering topics as diverse as: Authority, Christology, Church History, Communion, Ecumenism, Eschatology, Mary, Philosophy, Prayer, Sacraments, Salvation, Scripture, Theological Anthropology, and Worship.