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Sorrow and Stars

Last light is leaping from hill to hill

spilling like liquid from an upset cup,

A golden haze spreading o’er rock and rill

until, until, until the valley has its fill

and the glory thins and wavers and is taken up



The clouds’ creamy bronze hues drain clear,

drop by drop—suddenly they run ashen grey

in an eye-blink, in the drip of a tear

giving way to darkness, uncertainty, and fear

as the sunset darkens and turns fey



A stab of pain blooms to full grown ache

with the dimming of day and the coming night;

sorrow saps hope, makes dreams break

swooping in the moment that light forsakes

the rim of the earth, reminding us of our plight



Amidst our sadness, star eyes open with a wink,

sweeping our thoughts toward vaulted skies—

there is beauty beyond woe, we are led to think

as argent gems pressed on velvet cause us to blink

and shake silver sorrows from our eyes



Johanna Byrkett

Johanna Byrkett

Johanna (Jody) Byrkett enjoys hiking various types of terrain, foggy mornings and steaming mugs of tea, reading classic literature and theological essays, studying words and their origins, and practising the art of hospitality. (She also has the singularly annoying habit of spelling things 'Britishly'.)

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