What is Conciliar Post?

Conciliar Post is an intentional online community committed to publishing theological conversations, reflections on Christianity, and commentary on current events from a Christian perspective. This community is a place where those growing toward God may humbly, faithfully, and dialogically reflect on important issues—all while deepening in relation with our neighbors.


What Does “Conciliar” Mean?

Conciliar comes from the English word “council” (persons convened for deliberation) and the Latin word consilium (assembly, consultation). Historically, “conciliar” has been used in reference to the great ecumenical councils of the Christian tradition. In everyday language, it means a gathering of Christians for the purpose of serious reflection upon matters of theological importance. The name Conciliar Post designates this site as a place for serious and faithful dialogue about significant issues in our world.


What is the Mission of Conciliar Post?

The mission of Conciliar Post is to promote meaningful dialogue across Christian traditions, which informs, encourages, and challenges people around the world. Drawing upon authors from a variety of Christian traditions—all of whom believe that everyone and everything belongs to God—the intentional community at Conciliar Post aims to facilitate the true exchange of ideas and to encourage action motivated by love.

Conciliar Post seeks to affirm the inherent worth of all human beings, which arises from our creation in the image of God (Gen 1:26). Truth tempered by grace is our standard, while recognizing we are all sojourners in this world. Because we must speak not just to Christ-followers but to everyone, we offer this conviction in humility: namely, that societal issues—and the divisions that plague the human race—can be addressed (and eventually rectified) through a Christian view of the world.


}Icon_Can You Explain Your Logo?

In traditional Christian art, the color green signifies life, growth, and freedom from bondage. Green is also used to represent the Holy Spirit. The outer circle in our logo represents unity and equality, while the inner circle symbolizes our shared teachings and practices. The overlapping “CP” text forms a tree, which symbolizes the Body of Christ in union with the True Vine (John 15:1).


What Topics Do You Discuss?

One of the goals of Conciliar Post is to offer perspectives and reflections upon a wide variety of topics. Hence, you might see an article on the question of evil next to a post on The Inklings, or a discussion of abortion alongside a review of a current best seller. Broadly speaking, articles belong to three categories: Round Tables, where representatives across Christian traditions converse about a specific question; Dialogues, where two or more writers from differing faith traditions extensively discuss a particular topic; and standalone articles. Regular topics include: Art and Literature, Christian Traditions, Politics and Current Events, Life and Faith, Reviews, and Theology and Spirituality.


Who Writes for Conciliar Post?

Our authors hail from a variety of Christian traditions and backgrounds. In order to write for Conciliar Post, we ask that authors affirm the Apostles’ Creed and contribute in a thoughtful, loving manner. Articles on this site reflect the views of their authors and do not purport to represent Conciliar Post’s institutional views. Essays are categorized in accordance with an author’s understanding of their own faith tradition(s), but have not been formally approved by institutional representatives of those traditions (unless otherwise specified).


How Do I Write for Conciliar Post?

If you are interested in joining the Conciliar Post team, please email our editors by visiting the Contact Page.