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December 2017 Update

Things have been proceeding swimmingly for Conciliar Post. Our recent Round Table, on the Interpretation of Scripture, drew in perspectives from ten authors. We continue to maintain an active social media presence on Facebook. And last but not least, we have upgraded the website’s hosting service — you should notice significant improvements in speed!

We have a few important items to share with you. First, our 2017 Fundraiser is now live! Please consider donating, and share the page with your friends. Conciliar Post is definitely growing (over 178,000 page views in the past year alone, from almost 39,000 unique users), so we could use your help to keep things going.

Second, we will be taking a two-week break from publishing from December 17th-30th. Always consult the schedule if you have any questions about when articles will be published! In that same vein, we are sorely in need of “contributor” articles. Please consider using time over Christmas break to continue your involvement with us.

Third, some publishing-related reminders for our authors and contributors. Please use royalty-free images that are (preferably) 1000-1400 pixels wide and 400-800 pixels tall. You can find these sorts of images through a Google image search (click “tools,” then click “usage rights,” then click “labelled for reuse”). In addition, please do not use the “Writings of the Church Fathers” category label in WordPress; it is reserved for our audiobook series. Finally, consult the Reference Guide for information on using the Yoast “search engine optimization” plugin (setting keywords, summaries, etc.). Using this will dramatically increase your page views!

Finally, an author has contacted our website soliticitng a book review. He is willing to send a free copy of Only the Small things are Good in exchange for a review to be published with us. Respond to this message if you are interested, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Blessed Advent,

 -Ben Winter, for the Conciliar Post Masthead.

Conciliar Post News

Conciliar Post News

New news about what is happening, and what you should expect to see in the future, on Conciliar Post.

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