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A Sonnet on the Occasion of Super Tuesday

For this pack of wolves, it is now the time
To the cameras howl and bear shiny teeth
All are future kings, if just in their minds
But none are better than a common thief
I’ll be at my desk away from all the din
Fighting ignorance, which is our disease
Not with sword and shield, but the humble pen.

Let us not forget holy charities
Love the Lord thy God with mind, soul, and strength
Remember how far the Lord went for you
Even down to the blackest hellish lengths
He’s the one who said, Love thy neighbor, too.

Hatred and despair are what mark this year,
But recall: perfect love casts out all fear.


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Chris Casberg

Chris Casberg

is a reader, writer, and husband all rolled into one fleshy package. He earned his B.A. in Global Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He spent five years on active duty in the US Marine Corps, where he served as a translator of Middle Eastern languages. Chris currently lives with his beautiful wife and their incorrigible dog in the high desert of rural Central Oregon, where the craft beer flows like the Nile in flood season and the wild deer stare through your window at night. He writes humorous fiction and the occasional curmudgeonly blog post at his website,

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