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In . . .

In all of my inadequacy

I stand,

Eyes cast down,

chin quavering,

salt trails glistening


In all of my paucity

of soul I come,


straining to have what I want

and to do what You want


In all of my scarcity

of mind

that streaks my days

with fear and grasping,

I hide from the world


In all of my insufficiency

I kneel,

with downcast eyes

and open hands,

letting go my weak will


Lift up your heads

ye mighty gates!

Be opened,

ye ancient doors!

The King of Glory enters in!


In all of His sufficiency

He stands;

In all of His humility 

He comes,

Emmanuel, God enfleshed


In the fullness of time

He brings love,

filling empty hands

and hearts and minds—

including mine


In my empty

He enters, a seed in the

dark womb, burgeoning 

life, growing light—

the Eternal Dayspring


In the first light of day

He is the spark

divine, disgorging the rich,

feeding goodness to the

starving, my soul included


In Him my soul, too,


In my lonely places,

In the unbearable waiting,

He enters in. . .



Photo by Mirko Fabian

Johanna Byrkett

Johanna Byrkett

Johanna (Jody) Byrkett enjoys hiking various types of terrain, foggy mornings and steaming mugs of tea, reading classic literature and theological essays, studying words and their origins, and practising the art of hospitality. (She also has the singularly annoying habit of spelling things 'Britishly'.)

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