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Or, Reflections on the Gospel of John in Response to Leonard Cohen

I hunger.

Bread fills me.

I hunger again.

I thirst.

Wine makes the heart glad.

My thirst is not quenched.

I question.

I have seen all done under the sun.

Truth eludes me.

I love

As the wonder of a man with a virgin.

Yet the unity is cracked.

I live,

Tasting, hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling all these mundane joys,

Yet I die.

Surely there is more

To being, to life;

Bread which satiates, drink which vivifies,

Truth that finds me.

Surely there is a marriage of unbroken communion.

Jesus says, I AM.

Joshua Schendel

Joshua Schendel

Joshua is professor of theology at Yellowstone Theological Institute in Bozeman, MT, where he lives with his wife, Bethanne, and their three kids.

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