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Weekly Reads {February 13}

Happy Weekend Dear Readers!

Below is a selection of theological and current events articles from around the internet this week. Rather than providing the final word on a given topic, we hope these articles will serve to spark friendly, yet thoughtful conversations. Consider this your welcome to join (or kick off) those conversations in the comments below!


Conciliar Post

A Conversation on the Saving Work of Jesus by Ben Cabe and Ben Winter

Fasting by Kenneth O’Shaughnessy

Morality: When Gold is Better Than Platinum by Justin Megna

Religious Reasons in Public Debate: A Conversation with Karl Barth by Creighton Coleman

Introit: Entrance by Johanna Byrkett

From Our Authors

Lent: A Journey Towards Reality by Drew McIntyre

Reclaiming the Atonement Book Review by Ben Cabe

Across the Internet

Faith, Hope, Love, Fast by Peter Leithart

Who Says Memorialism Isn’t “Sacremental”? by Jake Meador

Why the West Misreads Islam So Badly by Casey Chalk

The Beauty of Lent: Giving Up the Good for the Greater by Dylan Pahman

These articles do not necessarily reflect the views or mission of Conciliar Post. These articles have been selected based on their prevalence across popular blogs and social media and their relevance to current events. We invite you to engage in friendly and positive discussion about these articles.

– From your friendly editor, Jeff Reid

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Conciliar Post Weekly Reads

Conciliar Post Weekly Reads

Weekly reads is a gathering together of articles that hit the internet in the past week—from Conciliar Post authors and from other authors around the world. The Conciliar Post authors and editors work together to make this a weekly resource on Conciliar Post.

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