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Weekly Reads {June 27}

Happy weekend, dear readers!

Here is a round-up of different religion, theology, and current events articles from our own authors and across the internet.

The following articles do not necessarily reflect the views or mission of Conciliar Post. These articles have been selected based on their prevalence across popular blogs and social media and their relevance to current events. We invite you to engage in friendly and positive discussion about these articles.

If you read a thought-provoking or well-written article that did not make this list, please share the link with us in the comments section.

Conciliar Post

George Aldhizer, “Thinking About Church Unity as a Protestant: A Lot of Questions with Very Few Answers

John Ehrett, “Inside Out: Movie Review

Chris Casberg, “Secular Jeb

Micah McMeans, “A Letter to a Dying Church

Micah Tillman, “Why Does God Tempt (and Then Abandon) Adam and Eve?

Writings of the Church Fathers, “Ignatius, Epistle to the Smyrnaeans

Round Table, “Eschatology

Ben Cabe, “What Does the SCOTUS Ruling Mean for Traditional Christian Marriage

From Our Authors

Jacob Prahlow, Pursuing Veritas, “Finding a Definition of Canon

Chris Casberg, Funny Redeemed, “Confessions of an NSA Nobody Volume 4

Around the Internet

R.R. Reno, First Things, “The Return of Catholic Anti-Modernism

Aaron Cline Hanbury, Relevant Magazine, “What Same-Sex Marriage Means for Churches and Church-Based Ministries

Aaron Taylor, Ethika Politika, “Pope Francis’ Conservatism of Joy

Brian Miller, Humane Pursuits, “The Cathedral

Conciliar Post Weekly Reads

Conciliar Post Weekly Reads

Weekly reads is a gathering together of articles that hit the internet in the past week—from Conciliar Post authors and from other authors around the world. The Conciliar Post authors and editors work together to make this a weekly resource on Conciliar Post.

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