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Weekly Reads {November 14}

Happy Weekend Dear Readers!

As we move into the weekend, please keep the people of Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad in your prayers. As the days move forward, details and analysis regarding these situations will be worked out. In the end though, it is only The Prince of Peace who will bring lasting peace to our broken world; and situations like those from yesterday serve to remind us that we are always called to pray for his Kingdom to come and will be done.

Below is this week’s selection of theology, religion, and current events articles from around the internet. If you read a thought-provoking or well-written article that did not make this list, feel free to share the link in the comments section below. Happy reading!

Conciliar Post

Authority, Heresy, and Protestantism

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi

Was Tolkien Manichaean?

An Ex-Calvinist’s Tiptoe Through Tulip – Unconditional Election

Conscience For Me, But Not For Thee

Gaps In The Story

The Tyranny Of The Should

From Our Authors

To Be Fully Known by Jody Byrkett

Method and Historical Theology: Introduction by Jacob Prahlow – Please note that this is the first in a series of articles posted on this topic this week.

The Center Of The Christian Faith by Drew McIntyre

Across the Internet

When Grace “Fails”—The Music Of Call The Midwife by Jake Meador

The Artistry of Grace by Lisa Sundet

Converting Each Other by John Ottens

Islam Is A Religion Of Violence: Or, Why Abstract Theology Actually Matters by Joel Miller

These articles do not necessarily reflect the views or mission of Conciliar Post. These articles have been selected based on their prevalence across popular blogs and social media and their relevance to current events. We invite you to engage in friendly and positive discussion about these articles.

– Jeff Reid
Photo Courtesy of Pavan Trikutam

Conciliar Post Weekly Reads

Conciliar Post Weekly Reads

Weekly reads is a gathering together of articles that hit the internet in the past week—from Conciliar Post authors and from other authors around the world. The Conciliar Post authors and editors work together to make this a weekly resource on Conciliar Post.

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