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Weekly Reads (November 22)

Hello, readers! Below you will find though-provoking articles on theology and religion from our own authors at Conciliar Post and from other blogs across the internet. If you enjoyed an interesting article this week that does not appear on the list, please share it with us in the comments section.


Conciliar Post

Laura Norris, “John Wesley and the Imitation of Christ”

Jacob Prahlow, “Reflections on Suffering (Part One)”

Ryan Shinkel, “In Defense of Nagel (Part One)”

Chris Cameron Smith, “On Zombies and Communion”

Johanna Byrkett, “Childlike Wonder”

From Our Authors

Ryan Shinkel, Ethika Politika, “Interstellar Exploration and the God Who Motivates It”

Jacob Prahlow, Pursuing Veritas, “The Divine Milieu”

From Other Blogs and Websites

Samantha Schroeder, Ethika Politika, “Feminist Personalism”

John W. Martens, America Magazine, “Daily Distractions”

Mark Bauerlein, First Things, “Prayer in the Facebook Age”

Michelle Tholen, Ethika Politika, “What’s Wrong with Contemporary Catholic Fiction?”

George Weigel, First Things, “Vatican II and the Berlin Wall”

Jake Meador, First Things, “Evangelical Liturgy, High and Low”


Laura Norris

Laura Norris

Laura Norris is a Catholic, freelance writer, running coach, and outdoor enthusiast. She holds a master's degree in Theological Studies and now works as a running blogger and coach as, in the words of St. Ignatius Loyola, "a woman for others" in helping others live a healthy life and achieve their goals. She and her husband live on the Eastside of Seattle and spend their time running their own businesses and hiking in the mountains.

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