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Weekly Reads {November 7}

Happy Weekend and Happy November, Dear Readers!

Below is this week’s selection of theology, religion, and current events articles from around the internet. If you read a thought-provoking or well-written article that did not make this list, feel free to share the link in the comments section below. Happy reading!

Conciliar Post

Prayer for the Dead: Spooky or Saintly? by Benjamin Winter

Will It Pray? by Kenneth O’Shaughnessy

The Danger of Light and Joy by Jeff Reid

For the Love of Greek by Matthew Bryan

To Be Fully Known by Johanna Byrkett

Pain and Suffering: A Covered Lamp Post by Micah McMeans

Knowing What I Looked Like by Melinda Johnson

From Our Authors

Refusing the Be Singled Out by Jody Byrkett

Book Review: The Gospel of the Lord (Bird) by Jacob Prahlow

C.S. Lewis Was Right: Bulverisms Are Everywhere by Drew McIntyre

Across the Internet

Thin Places by Timothy George

Love Thy Enemy: That Is, You Don’t Have One by Timothy P. O’Malley

Evangelicals are not modern gnostics. We’re materialists. by Jake Meador

The Crisis of American Catholicism by Ross Douthat

What I Want from Catholics: Become More Protestant by Peter Leithart

These articles do not necessarily reflect the views or mission of Conciliar Post. These articles have been selected based on their prevalence across popular blogs and social media and their relevance to current events. We invite you to engage in friendly and positive discussion about these articles.

~Your Humble Aggregator, JJP

Conciliar Post Weekly Reads

Conciliar Post Weekly Reads

Weekly reads is a gathering together of articles that hit the internet in the past week—from Conciliar Post authors and from other authors around the world. The Conciliar Post authors and editors work together to make this a weekly resource on Conciliar Post.

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