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A Psalm for Tearless Eyes

Why art thou not cast down, o my soul,
Why art thine eyes not flowing as rivers
after the winter thaw, washing away
thine every stain and uncleanness?

Thou liest with unplucked eyes
and uncircumcised arms
and unquenched passions
for the unquenchable fire.

If a thou burnest a candle from both ends
thou art in timeless darkness.

Why, o my soul, dost thou not sleep in peace,
since thou eatest the bread of idleness?
Instead, thy bread and thy days are wasted,
thine enlightened eyes are darkened.

O my soul, God hast given the night watches
that thou mayest watch for his coming.
Pray that when he cometh he will find
thine eyes closed and thy heart opened.

Kenneth O'Shaughnessy

Kenneth O'Shaughnessy

A Northerner by upbringing, Kenneth has lived in the South since his (first) college days. After returning to college, he began to do more than just dabble with writing, and has self-published a children's picture book, a middle-reader's book, and several collections of poetry. Baptized in the Roman Catholic church, raised in the fundamentalist Baptist church, and having spent time in the Reformed Baptist church, Kenneth settled down in the Eastern Orthodox church in 2006.

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