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A Christmas Party Conciliar Post Style

This last weekend, a portion of the Conciliar Post team gathered together for food, drink, and conversation. Those in attendance represented the Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Reformed, Former Reformed Baptists who are now catechumens in the Orthodox Church (it was predestined), and the Searching perspectives. It was, indeed, a Christmas party Conciliar Post style.

IMG_2609Amid the amicable jokes, merlot, and chit-chat, Jacob Prahlow related his personal search for a Christian Tradition; a search that began 20-something years ago with his baptism in the Lutheran church (LCMS). His teen years were marked by attendance at a non-denominational church that hosted a wide variety of theological opinions. Following his undergraduate degree, he and his wife moved to the East Coast to pursue further education. While there, they spent their Sunday’s attending churches from a variety of different Christian Traditions.

Following Jake’s explanation, and admission that the search is on a temporary halt, everyone took turns asking questions. It was an appropriate experience for the Conciliar Post Christmas party and one that you will soon be able to share. Jake has agreed to republish his church search, which was originally posted on his personal website, here on Conciliar Post.

Jake holds a Masters in Religion and is currently a PhD candidate at St. Louis University studying Historical Christianity. In his limited spare time he some how manages to be the super-awesome Managing Editor on Conciliar Post.

His church search is something to look for early this next year on Conciliar Post. So for now, Merry Christmas and journey on!

Conciliar Post News

Conciliar Post News

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