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Conciliar Post at 6 Years

This is hard to believe, but today marks year six of our online project dedicated to dialogue across Christian traditions. We are so thankful for our authors and readers, and especially in these trying times, grateful to have a bedrock of community upon which to rest. If you haven’t stopped by the site lately, here are some articles that made waves in 2020:

Round Table: Do Animals Have Souls? (Ehrett, Townsend, Dickey, and Cabe)
The Turbulent Life of Canada’s First Methodist Missionary by David Doherty
John Cotton, Protestant Integralist by Timon Cline
Contextual Theology by Joshua Schendel
Jeremiah and the Burden of Being by Benjamin Winter
What Should Seminaries be For? by John Ehrett
On Hierarchy by guest author Dr. Aaron Gies
When Liturgy is not “The Liturgy” by Wesley Walker

These pieces showcase a breadth and depth of theological engagement you can only find at Conciliar Post. It’s a real blessing to unite so many different traditions and topics under one banner! In addition, we have been extremely responsive to current events and recommend the following articles for your edification:

What Coronavirus Taught Me about Faith and Fear by Barbara Gausewitz
“How to be an Antiracist” – A Review and Reflection by David Justice
Crisis Calls us to Continue Community by Jacob Prahlow
The Desecration of St. John’s by David Quick
Racism and Sin by Tomerot Lambert
Whose Side Are You On? by Dr. Luke Townsend
The Pandemic and the Wrath of God by guest author Sam Fletcher
Church in the Time of a Pandemic by Jarrett Dickey

As Conciliar Post moves toward year seven, we envision many new and exciting changes. These include: the creation of a monthly or bimonthly podcast, a future retreat for authors and administrators, the publication of a book containing our best essays, and the incorporation of new voices from universities and ecclesial communities around the globe.

Pax Christi,

-Ben Winter (Editor-in-Chief)

Conciliar Post News

Conciliar Post News

New news about what is happening, and what you should expect to see in the future, on Conciliar Post.

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