16 Jun 2015

Where Can I Put My Stuff?

Where can I put my stuff? I need a place for my hopes and fears, My television shows and craft beers, My books and games and lusts and pain, My car and wife and kids, all vain Compared to the value of having Nothing twixt me and God Except a sheet of homelessspun. I hate hate hate them all – That’s right, isn’t it, if I love God enough to make up for it? He

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16 Jun 2014

The Monk of Mount Athos | Book Review

The Monk of Mount Athos is a little book that packs a powerful punch. Written by Archimandrite Sophrony, the first half of the book functions as a short biography of Saint Silouan while the second half is an exposition of his spiritual practices and beliefs. As with most works I’ve read about the saints, I found this book to be a breath of fresh air. The simple lifestyle and humble countenance of Saint Silouan is

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