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Christ is Risen!

and we are left looking up
and lifting up the exclamation
to a point

It can be easier to affirm
in languages not our own
because he has gone
to a foreign land

Throughout Bright Week
we are blinded from standing
and staring too closely
at the Son

We return to eating vicarious
deaths after our own
death has been vanquished
by the blood

Old habits hardly remembered
clamour for our attention
dragging us beneath the waves
of the world

We doubt what we have seen
and what we have shouted out
with no nail and spear holes
we can touch

But we still discuss these things
on the way and are surprised
when Christ comes to us again
in broken bread

And as we partake of his body
and he is taken from our sight
we look up and exclaim again
Kenneth O'Shaughnessy

Kenneth O'Shaughnessy

A Northerner by upbringing, Kenneth has lived in the South since his (first) college days. After returning to college, he began to do more than just dabble with writing, and has self-published a children's picture book, a middle-reader's book, and several collections of poetry. Baptized in the Roman Catholic church, raised in the fundamentalist Baptist church, and having spent time in the Reformed Baptist church, Kenneth settled down in the Eastern Orthodox church in 2006.

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