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Virgin Soul (Isaiah 43: 1-8)

Like a virgin bride that waits for her bridegroom,

my virgin soul waits for You, oh, Lord!

My virgin soul waits to be impregnated with Your Word.

Speak It in the recesses of my heart, my being,

my virgin soul. My beloved speaks in the dark night,

early morning, midday, late noon, early evening.

He whispers in my ear as I embrace him in my arms:


I have created you. I have formed you. I know you

by name, you are mine. Though you walk

through the blazing fire, through the thundering clouds

that scream with lightning, though the mountains shake

and hills tremble under you, though the tide might overwhelm,

and the flood feel like it is drowning you, you

it will not harm; for I Am with you.

I will always protect you; for you are My offspring,

My child, My beloved son.


I will exchange Ethiopia for you.

Long have I waited for your coming.


Sacred Heart

Beloved, You made it known to St. Margaret Mary

That Your heart that is on fire which is wrapped

With crown of thorns and cross that stands over

Your heart that is on fire. Truly, the thorns pierce

Your heart for we see the blood that drips. All this

Signifies the consequences of our sins. Oh, Lord,

Forgive Your people who do not know what they are doing.

Forgive us for the pain that we are causing. The indifference

That we show to the poor and the broken. The resentment

And anger and wound that we are hiding by being prideful.

Take our stony heart and put it in the furnace of Your heart.

So that we may have a heart of flesh, a tender heart.

You are a God of compassion and You desire for us to be



God Remembers

What if we are a memory,

in God’s mind?

I had this thought

when I was sitting and doing homework.

I remembered something

I did in the past. It got me thinking:

Could God have everything

in my life as a memory, and his remembering

is making present my existence?

I happened

but I am in the present moment

by God pulling me from the past to

here and now.


Hello! My name is Tomerot Lambert. I recently graduated from Divine Word College Seminary located in Epworth, IA. Currently, I am living at the rectory with some parish priests in my hometown (Manitowoc, WI). I plan on joining the Order of Friars Minor this coming fall. I really enjoy reading and writing about philosophical problems. I also enjoy reading and writing poetry. Hope to contribute more to Conciliar Post in the future. God bless.
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Guest Author

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