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Soli Deo Gloria

Soli Deo Gloria
   John 6:56-58

Soli Deo
God alone
gloria glory
untouchable yet
the light

Comes down
to this
particular place
all gathered
and acclaiming

With one
voice one
eternal song
one renewal
of one Face

All light
creating here
that City
without darkness
this Word

The City’s
light Himself
the small white
votive candles
and the liturgy

Our prayers
another voice
the single
Word resounding
as light

Giving each
new birth
each grace
unbidden taking
place within

This body
this cathedral
temple built
in darkness
born to light

Yes, it was
better He
should go
and multiply
His light

Appearing like
a fiery tongue
on every
altar offering
the One

Light for
all time
light of
the world
the Word

Photo credit

Daniel Hyland

Daniel Hyland

Daniel is a Catholic writer and voice artist living in the Shenandoah Valley with his wife and daughter. He believes in the power of beauty in life, nature and art as a tool of evangelism, and seeks to follow Christ through study, work and prayer. His favorite book of the Bible is the Song of Songs because of the stunning intimacy it presents both with regard to the sacrament of marriage and the marital union with God to which every soul is called in Christ. He is the proud owner of a small collection of facial hair, charitably termed a mustache.

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