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Weekly Reads {OCTOBER 31}

This week, Conciliar Post was buzzing with activity! We are so thankful to the members of our community, and to our visitors, for making our commemoration of the Reformation an occasion for informed and fruitful dialog. Here is a selection of articles, from Conciliar Post and beyond, that are worth your “weekend reading” time:

Conciliar Post:

Alyssa Hall: Sola Scriptura’s Relevance for the Modern Church

Chris Casberg: The Divisive Fruit of the Reformation

Joseph Green: An Ex-Calvinist’s Tiptoe through TULIP – Total Depravity

John Ehrett: On Lutheranism as “Reformational Catholicism”

Various CP Authors: Round Table: Martin Luther

From Our Authors:

Ben Cabe: My Time at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary and Monastery

Jacob Prahlow: Book Review: Christian-Muslim Relations

Drew McIntyre: The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis [Review]

Across the Web:

Victoria Clayton: The Needless Complexity of Academic Writing —The Atlantic

Lillian Cunningham: Nurses, fathers, teachers, mothers —Washington Post

Drew McIntyre: The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis [Review]

Special Section on Ross Douthat Controversy:

Summary of what’s going on (Kaya Oakes)

The piece that started (most of) it (Ross Douthat)

An early response, focusing on historical theology (Brian Flanagan)

Fr. Martin

Another Response, Worth Reading (Tim O’Malley)

-Ben Winter

These articles do not necessarily reflect the views or mission of Conciliar Post. These articles have been selected based on their prevalence across popular blogs and social media and their relevance to current events. We invite you to engage in friendly and positive discussion about these articles.

Conciliar Post Weekly Reads

Conciliar Post Weekly Reads

Weekly reads is a gathering together of articles that hit the internet in the past week—from Conciliar Post authors and from other authors around the world. The Conciliar Post authors and editors work together to make this a weekly resource on Conciliar Post.

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